Website Critiques

Pricing for website critiques is based upon the number of pages and quantity of content. I will provide a binding estimate of the work to be completed.

All reports will include a review for grammar and spelling along with my opinion of the effectiveness of your message. The report will also include any general suggestions to improve the overall usability of your website.

Please understand, critiques will consist of suggestions for improvement and do not include rewriting content. Editing Services are available.

Optionally, I can also check for broken and inactive links.

Note: only the links that are part of your content will be validated, links from affiliate programs are not a part of this service.

Critiques are billed by the project according to the binding estimate and require a 50% up front deposit and payment of the remaining 50% at the time of delivery.

Free Extra

This service comes with something extra – another set of eyes. I will have at least one other person critique your website at no additional charge. I use this person for all of my own testing as she has only a rudimentary knowledge of computers and makes observations that more proficient computer users often take for granted. Her observations will be more general in nature and focus more on the overall look and feel of your website.