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Writing Services for Real Estate

Get serious about your real estate business with professionally written website content and marketing materials by Your Message Consultant.

Whether you are looking for real estate content for your website or for other effective real estate marketing materials, you have come to the right place.

Never thought about hiring a professional writer?

Perhaps you should and stop thinking like an employee at the same time.

Why pay for what I can get for free?

Sure, many real estate firms have clerical staff to help their real estate professionals craft their listings and other marketing materials. But, those staffers are often shared by as many as 50-100 other agents and brokers.

Your materials are no more important than anyone else’s. Speed is favored over salesmanship and mistakes occur too frequently. I worked with an agent who had to wait anywhere from two to three weeks just to get a generic cookie-cutter listing flyer.

Some Chambers of Commerce and boards of Realtor’s allow local Realtors to use their content. Do you think seeing the same content that is on a dozen of your competitor’s sites too will impress your prospects? It certainly won’t do very much for your placement in the search engines.

Building Your Real Estate Business

Why not consider hiring a professional writer who works just for you? Stop being just another salesperson in the firm and start building your own business.

This is one of my specialties. From assistance with your overall marketing and presentation to writing informative and unique area articles, Your Message Consultant has done it all before.

We will work together to create a true real estate e-marketing and traditional marketing strategy to get the attention of your prospective customers. We will look at what the competition is already doing, what customers might wish you were doing and blend the two to create a truly effective real estate marketing site and complimentary paper-based materials.

Get Excited About Your Real Estate Business

My previous clients will tell you that after a short time of working with me they experienced a renewed excitement about their real estate business. They realized that they knew what they should have been doing all along to be more competitive. They just needed someone else to help them get there. That’s where I come in.

The marketing of real estate is an ever-changing, but always, exciting field. To be effective, real estate content has to convey your passion without overwhelming prospects.

Writing for real estate professionals is about much more than square footage and acreage; it is all about building a brand and establishing a relationship.

You can continue hoping that customers will overlook your mediocre marketing efforts and real estate content or you can show them why you truly deserve their business and that commission.

It’s up to you but when you want to get serious about your business, you know where to find me.

The Fine Print

Onsite Visits

If I live within a reasonable commuting distance from your market area or you are willing to pay for my transportation I would be glad to spend some time with you driving around your area to learn what makes your community unique. Keep in mind if you want me to assist you with writing property descriptions, being able to actually visit the property will ensure that we don’t miss something that makes that property truly exceptional.


Due to the highly competitive nature of Real Estate and to eliminate potential conflicts of interest, I will accept no more than two on-going contracts from a market area. Exclusive contracts are available at a higher rate and on a first-come, first-served basis.

You Control The Costs

Real Estate content and marketing projects will incur additional costs based upon the information provided by you. For example, if you do not have materials on your community that I could use and I have to conduct research on my own, that will increase your project costs.

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