Professional Content Writer

Professional content writers don’t just fill webpages with words.

A good professional content writer is also a business consultant.

Your Message…My Words

I will work with you to identify your key target customers and how they look for what you sell. Together we will create your message.

Make no mistake, a website is a key part of your marketing plan. Success hinges upon your website content making a good first impression and getting your site visitors to want to do business with you. This is where a professional content writer can make a huge difference.

No one knows your business as well as you do.

You are the expert.

A professional content writer takes that knowledge and writes informative and keyword-rich sales copy.

Working with me will be a partnership. I will require some of your time. I can’t effectively write about you and your business alone. I do give homework. But, you can relax, there will be no grades or red ink corrections.

Working together will allow me to write website content that will be much more effective and more likely to lead to sales conversions.

Combined Success…

Our success will be achieved when you start seeing an increase in both site visitors and sales.

Professionally written website content that includes an honest marketing message to the right audience will always lead to a greater return on your investment than content that was not written with both search engines and potential customers in mind.

I will take the time to learn who you are, who your customers are and what they are looking for.

Before the writing begins

I begin every project with an initial consultation. This initial consultation will be for the purpose of learning about each other and your project. At this time, I will request access to any of your past printed and online marketing materials.

This initial consultation is part of my service. Keep in mind it is not intended to be a free marketing evaluation of your business. If it begins to turn into that, I will end our conversation or we can discuss my providing such services at an hourly rate. You are ultimately in business to make a living and so am I; and while I am often generous with my time – I cannot afford to give it away.

After the initial conversation I will contact you with written details as to pricing, scope, and desired outcomes for your project and if agreed will forward a contract.

Regardless of whether or not we both choose to continue the partnership, I will maintain total confidentiality of all materials you share with me.

Additional Professional Writing Services

While professionally written content can be crucial to the success of a website; it is not the only factor. Along with content writing, I offer the following complimentary professional writing services:

Coordinating materials for a paper-based marketing campaign.

  • Newsletters
  • Promotional brochures
  • Standard correspondence templates

Please use my Contact Form to schedule an initial phone consultation and to begin increasing your revenue with professionally written online content and marketing materials.

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