Technical Writing Services

Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of any new computer system or corporate policy is the writing. Technical writing services are often one of those areas that are overlooked during project planning and budgeting.

Help Them to Help You

New computer system implementations work best when everyone is excited and happy about them. Expecting employees to use a new computer system without training or at least a manual of some kind is a recipe for disaster. It won’t take long before your helpdesk is overwhelmed and senior management starts demanding answers.

Keep the peace, and maybe even your job, by making sure that shiny new system you are so proud of can actually be used by members of the staff. Hiring an experienced technical writer will be the best investment you ever made.

Technical Writing Samples

Rather than provide a litany of my past projects and successes or provide examples that have little meaning outside the company they were written for, I would like to invite you to visit another website of mine:Ā This website offers How To’s and tutorials that are written for beginning computer users and webmasters. Writing for true beginners requires much more attention to detail, the defining of every term, and not making any assumptions. Technical writing for this audience, while the most difficult, can also be the most rewarding.

What Others Think of My Technical Writing Services

“Her ability to present options and create solutions in a clear, concise manner is remarkable. Michele would be a superb teacher, having that rare instinct to evaluate a situation and address it in a way that makes it easy to understand.”

Mary, RealtorĀ® and former teacher

“Michele possesses a wealth of computer knowledge, which enhanced her ability to provide the type of documentation and training we needed.”

Scott, Database & Systems Administrator

“It is not difficult to find someone who knows what they are talking about, but to find someone who can actually present that knowledge to another in whatever way that individual person needs to hear it in order to comprehend it and make it his own, that is her gift.”

Yvonne, Trade Show Coordinator and Management Liaison