Professional Writing Services

What Do I Offer?

The largest part of what I do occurs before I write even the first word. Every project begins with an interview to learn more about you, your business and your customers. Without that research, I would be unable to provide you with much more than essay content that could apply to anyone doing business in your industry.

In effect, when you hire Your Message Consultant you are getting more than just a writer; you are getting a business consultant too. We’ll talk more about that during our first few phone conversations or emails. But, for now, here is the list of the professional writing services I offer my clients.

Professional Content Writing
Whether a single page or an entire website, Your Message Consultant will turn your website into your best salesperson. Don’t ruin your chance to make a first impression with poorly written content. Quality writing can turn tire kickers into customers.
Real Estate Materials
Professional Content Writing, Brochures, Listing Flyers, Personal Promotion, Community Information, Newsletters and any of the other written materials critical to a Realtor’s success. After working with a Realtor for over a year and having been a buyer and a seller; I know what you need to make your business grow.
Search Engine Optimization.
All online materials are written using white hat search engine techniques.
Website Critiques
Not sure your website is clearly presenting your message? I will look over your website as if I were a potential customer and let you know how effective your website is at getting your message across.
Technical Writing & Training Materials
Straightforward and easy to understand user guides and manuals are often crucial to making technology and new installations of systems a success. I’ve been writing training materials my entire career and know what works and what doesn’t.
Proofreading & Editing
Whether paper-based or online, I can look over your existing materials and make suggestions for greater impact, correct grammar, and a focussed message.
Clarifications & Rewrites
This service expands on proofreading and editing to include making corrections and improvements to your existing materials.
Your Homework
Relax, no grades or red ink here; just the occasional request of information.
Pricing & Fees

Something Missing?

Have a different type of writing project in mind? Use my Contact Form and let me know; maybe we can work something out.