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Your Message Consultant knows the Internet and how your customers use it.

Advice on building website content, Real Estate content, and marketing on the web. You’ll also learn a little about me, how I think and how I can help your business.

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General Website Marketing, Online Content and Sales Copy

Website Link Building Tips

Link strategies are online referrals and the source does matter. Don’t forget that links to or from your site amount to an endorsement.

Opinion: Restricting Access to Core Content

Forcing prospective customers to provide personal information to view your website can lead to swift departures. Your Message Consultant suggests to not restrict access to core content.

Web Development Job Titles

Whos who in web development. Your Message Consultant provides a guide to who the players are and what they do.

Marketing Focus

Is your message getting lost in the details? Too much information or extraneous fluff can allow your marketing message to disappear among the clutter.

Google as the Public Record

Do we all need to be reminded to watch what we say about ourselves and others in public places?

Real Estate & the Web

These articles are written with a Real Estate website in mind. However, most topics discussed could just as easily be written for any industry and offer ideas for all websites and their content, not just those for Realtors®.
It’s All About What They Want

Discussion of what should be included in Real Estate website content. Learn what your customers are looking for and how they use the Internet to purchase their next home.

5 Easy Steps to Improve the Usability of Real Estate Websites

These 5 easy, yet too frequently overlooked suggestions will make your website more usable for everyone. If your target customers include silver surfers, you can’t afford to miss this article.

Real Estate Newsletter Content

Exclusive or insider information can be a powerful marketing tool and an effective way to grow your farm.

A Custom IDX & The Power of If

Custom solutions should be just that – custom. Think about how your custom IDX can become a powerful marketing tool.

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