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Making Connections 

Whether it’s through cyberspace, a phone call, or meeting someone in line at the grocery store; life is all about making connections. All three bring people together, but none compare to connections made in person. After all, a web site or an e-mail message can’t look you in the eye or shake your hand.

I designed this website to begin forming a connection; one between you and me. My goal is to introduce myself and to answer as many questions as possible in one convenient place; this website.

It’s All About Trust

Hiring a consultant to develop your business message requires a great deal of trust. You want to be assured that your money is being well spent. I will not make guarantees that I will double or even triple your business. If you are like me, you are tired of hyped promises and loud words and the bigger the offer, the quicker you stop listening.

Not every marketing effort will lead to short-term, high-yield results; the proverbial home run. What I can tell you is that every company that I worked for or with saw cost savings and/or increased sales through my efforts.

Learning & Education Never End

My education includes a BA in Communication Arts and Computer Science from Catawba College and an MS in Computer Information Systems from Boston University. I mention my education because I believe it shows both my ability to learn new things as well as my dedication to a project. I earned my MS degree while maintaining a full-time position that often required as much as 70 hours a week of my time.

Formal education is only a foundation. The true value of a professional is the practical real-world experience they can bring to any project. My career has been interesting and varied, including work in the following industries: a golf course, a country club, the US Army & Navy, a furniture company, a medical school and hospital, a pharmaceutical company, two toy companies, a company that makes ball bearings, an educational testing company, a government contractor, a Realtor, a builder, a collection agency, a marketing & advertising agency, and a Chamber of Commerce.

Since I founded Your Message Consultant in 2006, I have worked with clients who have sold handmade items, doggy doors, industrial cement floors, web design services, hormone replacement therapies, real estate, aquariums to places like Sea World, construction equipment (think pavers, graders and earth movers; not shovels and hamnmers), marketing services and many others.

So, Why Me?

It would be fairly safe to say that no matter what your business sells; I have worked with or been a customer of a similar business. I have worked with companies from coast to coast in the United States. I have worked with a number of global companies based in England, Australia, The Netherlands, Greece, China and The Cayman Islands.

Along with my writing skills, you will be getting someone with a business and industry background that many other writers just don’t have; while they were writing about industry – I was a participant.

Along with a communications consultant you will be hiring a business consultant and IT professional.

I have never farmed out a project to a staff of hidden writers. Nor have I accepted clients where I felt that I could not meet their needs. When you hire Your Message Consultant, you get me, warts and all.

I’m sometimes opinionated. I will sometimes drive you crazy with questions about you and your business. And, I will make you think about your business in ways you may not have since you opened the doors. But, when we are done with your project; your prospective customers will know who you are, what you are selling and why they absolutely have to buy it from you.

The Short Version

My name is Michele Tway and I could write pages about pieces I have written, why they were effective, and how well they were received.

I could provide numerous writing samples beyond everything already on this website (I still will, if you wish).

I could also show how my unique combination of education and work experience virtually assures that I have worked with and been a writer for your target customers and know how to write for them.

But, what it truly boils down to is that You need Your website and Your marketing materials to convey Your Message to Your Audience.

It’s all about YOU and YOUR MESSAGE, hence the name, Your Message Consultant.

It’s what I do.

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