Clarifications & Rewrites

Business Writing Clients

Most businesses that want to create new marketing materials or to improve their existing ones are also making changes to their product or service offerings. Quite often, my previous clients were still making their final decisions after we had already begun working together.

Clarifications and, to a lesser extent, rewrites are part of ensuring that everything I write for my clients accurately represents their business. I do not charge extra for them as long as I believe the changes are actually improving the piece and not being done ‘to see how it looks’ or to create additional materials beyond what we have contracted for.

SEO Content Writing Clients

I am somewhat less generous with clarifications and rewrites when it comes to essay-style website content projects. These writing projects are more easily defined and therefore rarely require rewriting. In the rare case that I misunderstood the intended subject, the necessary corrections will be made without requiring additional payment.

I will not provide multiple articles on the same topic for free under the guise of a clarification or rewrite. Anyone looking for more than one article on the same topic should contact me to make those arrangements ahead of time and ensure their project receives the appropriate discount.

Article Rewriting

Article rewriting has become something of a sub-specialty among writers. The search engines and website visitors expect websites to continually be adding new content. The seemingly endless search to provide new content has led many people to simply steal content from others. That content is then rewritten to both hide the theft and avoid duplicate content penalties by the search engines.

Verifing the true ownership of previously written materials is not always possible. Rather than run the risk of violating another writer’s or site owner’s copyrights, I do not offer article rewriting services to new clients. Article rewriting services for previous clients will be handled on a case by case basis and I reserve the right to refuse the project.